About Us

LomaChemie, an agent company and pharmaceutical in-licensing focused is part of the group Wolf Hacker & Co. Ltd., a chemical company with 92 years of existence, founded in 1929.

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Systematic market approach | Daily report (visits, sales, forecasting) | Yearly market overview | Share market information | Regulatory view | Timely follow up | Dedicated to the client portfolio (no doubling with API’s) | Agency Contract | English in speaking and writing | Product knowledge with regard to our product portfolio | Stick to our business principals | Good reputation and financially stable

LomaChemie has large experience in the development and management of new business strategies, focusing on Market Intelligenz, innovation, profitability, and diversification of portfolios.

We have experience in feasibility analysis and implementation of new market niches, as well as acquisition and licensing of products with an integrated view of the process.